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What does our supply chain management software do? SupplyPro gathers, translates and automate your orders, reducing errors, integrating across systems and driving profitability. The need for efficiency is rapidly increasing. Trade partners and Superintendents must fully leverage the latest technological advances. SupplyPro works in tandem with BuildPro to ensure that builders and suppliers are working from a single source of truth.

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Direct Connection to Builders

SupplyPro is custom built to communicate with the BuildPro network of home builders, which includes 21 of the top 26 home builders in North America, collectively responsible for millions of homes. Communication happens in an instant, and there is a record of every update, order, message and interaction, which keeps processes running efficiently, saving all parties time and money.

Streamlined Order Management

Optimized scheduling, communication, accounting and reporting all combine to ensure that you are paid correctly and promptly. Being a digital, cloud-based solution, there are no opportunities for miscommunication between builders, trades and your internal team.

Effective Bidding Tools

Hyphen’s BidConnect, which is free for suppliers, allows you to have instant access to builder bid requests and allows those same builders to vet you against the competition, even if they’ve never worked with you before. This invaluable tool can help your business grow its footprint with the best builders in the business today.

Efficient Document Management

A core feature of SupplyPro is the digital asset repository, which creates a single portal for all communications with builders. This high-security library of your digital documents has strict controls over who can access what, records updates automatically and leaves a comprehensive trail of adjustments. All in all, we’re taking the guesswork and miscommunication out of residential home building documentation.

Lien Release Optimization

SupplyPro automates lien releases processes to a point of peak efficiency. Using electronic signatures, transactions occur in an instant and all documentation is saved digitally for clear, concise record keeping. There is no more printing, faxing, or filing. The receipt of receivables and checks has never been faster.

Nothing to Install

Everything is accessible instantly online, in a secure cloud-hosted environment. All updates are pushed to SupplyPro instantly, so your software is assured to be up-to-date at all times, without you having to lift a finger.

Get the Most Out of Your SupplyPro Solutions

At Hyphen Solutions, we want suppliers to be able to use our supply chain management solutions to their fullest extent. Our professional services team has the expertise necessary to partner with you to help implement our solutions, develop new tools and build customized reports.

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SupplyPro Products


Being able to manage orders and communicate quickly with home builders is key to maintaining a profitable, efficient business. Suppliers can view job schedules in real-time, receive prompt and accurate schedule & change notifications, view purchase order information, access job documents and invoice efficiently. In doing so, we’ve created a real-time connection that keeps you up to date, so orders are being paid correctly and on schedule.


SkuSphere translates the builder's purchase order into supplier purchase order SKU's. This translation reduces the amount of time for order entries, thus, creating efficiencies in your ability to service the home builder. With SkuSphere, you and your builders will always be speaking the same language.


Do you work with builders that aren't currently on Hyphen BuildPro? With Renditions, we gather all your non-BuildPro orders into SupplyPro, providing you a singular entry point to all builders. By integrating with your builders’ portals daily, SupplyPro with Renditions can provide you with information, notifications and updates from non-BuildPro builders you do business with. Now more than ever, it makes sense to simplify your processes with SupplyPro.


Hyphen Solutions’ Document Manager empowers suppliers to digitally centralize all necessary documents within their organization via the cloud. This reduces costly and time-consuming processes surrounding physical print production, increases security and minimizes mistakes


The ultimate goal of Lien Release is to automate lien processing to the point of absolute efficiency. First, by merging payment data into a user-selected lien document, then by automatically sending the document to your SupplyPro dashboard, the lien process has never been faster.


SupplyPro Connect has made working within the home building supply chain simple. This solution takes the information found in SupplyPro transactions and automates the data into a trade partners’ ERP system. For suppliers, the process is as simple as storing and using their builder’s SKU numbers as part of the released purchase order. This solution eliminates inaccuracy, improves communication and reduces cost.


We’ve eliminated the stress that comes with the bidding process. With BidConnect, you no longer have to wade through stacks of paper to generate bid package responses. Reduce manpower costs and erase human error with this powerful and efficient supply chain management software. Integration with SupplyPro and BuildPro assures everything you need to manage bids quickly and easily.


Hyphen Trade Finder is a free platform builders use to find suppliers. Your listing will allow you to provide your business and services to a broad base of home builders. Complete your company’s profile, such as areas of expertise, area codes of operation, years of operation, number of employees, promotional statements and more, to drive new business.