Hyphen Solutions Introduces BuilderGM

Cloud-based mobile-friendly residential construction management software that solves business challenges so Home Builders can focus on opportunities

Dallas, TX – February 3, 2022, Hyphen Solutions launched its product, BuilderGM, today. This is the newest innovative advancement in Home Builder software from the company that already supports 21 of the top 26 Home Builders across North America.

According to Hyphen Solutions CEO Felix Vasquez, “With this newest product, we’re bringing the power and breadth of our two-sided network of Home Builders and Suppliers to local and regional Home Builders, as well as remodelers.”

BuilderGM offers Builders, Remodelers and General Contractors the ability to work anywhere with collaborative full-team communication, increased productivity and plenty of practical features to run their businesses efficiently while they concentrate on what they do best — building and remodeling houses.

Supports the 4 Critical C's of the Construction Process

Success in residential construction requires Coordination, Collaboration, Communication and Control. With easy access for employees, subcontractors, Suppliers and customers, BuilderGM makes sure that everyone involved in the project has the information they need to maximize success.

Work Wherever

BuilderGM is a cloud-based complete Home Builder ERP software solution that includes an intuitive mobile app, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime with iOS or Android. Your work isn’t confined to the office, and now, neither is your software. Hyphen brings you the newest and most innovative software for local residential construction — to ensure the success of your business and your sanity!

Estimate Projects Easily and Quickly

Imagine producing professional, complete estimates based on your actual costs for your prospective clients in just a couple of hours. Estimating can be less of a headache and more of an accomplishment to be proud of with BuilderGM’s template-driven estimating and simple job scoping process. BuilderGM creates a more efficient process by using a checklist approach, providing polished presentations and creating full documentation of every specification. Once the project starts, you’ll have easy access to up-to-date budgets, schedules and forecasting. This back-office software automatically crosses your t’s and dots your i’s, allowing you to have more time to focus on what you do best: building new homes.

Upsell Painlessly & Satisfy Your Clients

BuilderGM’s automatically generated questionnaire portal for customers enables them to see the full array of enticing home options and pick the ones they love. Highlight popular options and the most profitable option for you with no extra effort on your part. You can also keep customers in the loop during the bidding process and get their input if there are multiple options that fit the budget.

Communicate Changes in Real-Time

BuilderGM puts Builders, trade partners and customers all on the same page at the same time, in real-time as you would expect from any Hyphen product. Making, approving and implementing changes becomes so much easier and faster. Think about nearly every job you’ve ever done...how much time could this save you? How many delays could it prevent or minimize?

Other Features to Support Your Business

Built to be an integrated solution to run your business more effectively, BuilderGM has many more features to love:

  • Integration with QuickBooks to simplify accounting
  • Schedule management
  • Vendor management
  • CRM and Sales
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Simple, user-friendly interface to get your team up to speed with little training

Hyphen’s team is eager to share all the new software, features and enhanced utility with your team. The Hyphen Solutions Booth W6771 at the NAHB International Builders Show is a great opportunity to learn more about BuilderGM as well as network and exchange ideas with your peers. There will also be BuilderGM experts in the Chameleon booth, W6382 available to demo and answer questions about this innovative solution. Join the Hyphen team in Orlando from February 8-10 for a free demonstration of how BuilderGM could transform your business processes and profitability. 

Explore BuilderGM online at www.BuilderGM.com or contact the Hyphen experts to answer your questions and schedule a personal demo.

About Hyphen Solutions

Twenty-one of the top 26 North American Home Builders trust Hyphen Solutions as a reliable resource in the construction management industry. Hyphen’s software-as-a-service delivers greater operational control, better communication, lower costs and increased productivity for Home Builders, Contractors and Suppliers. 14,500 Supplier companies across the United States and Canada subscribe to Hyphen’s comprehensive Home Builder and Supply Chain solutions, making the company the leading cloud-based residential construction management software provider. The Hyphen Network serves 570 builder divisions. In 2020, the system helped manage nearly 300,000 new home construction projects. Visit www.HyphenSolutions.com to learn more about the collaborative platform.